If you’re planning to spend an afternoon cleaning your window, make sure to think about your safety first before you climb up that ladder with one bucket filled with water and soap. Below are a few tips you can do to get clean your window professionally as you make sure that you’ll be kept safe throughout the cleaning process. If you’re not confident taking this chore on your own, then ask for Beaverton residential window cleaning services from the window cleaning experts.

The tools

See to it that you have with you the proper tools to effectively do the window cleaning chore. Here are some of the important tools to prepare:

  • Ladder: Try to see whether the ladder is in great condition and can hold your weight. Guarantee that you always have 3 points of contact while you’re on it, and move it after every window to avoid overreaching. You can also invest in more ladder accessories like ladder stabilizers and mitts.
  • Rags: Your rags should be absorbent and clean. They are utilized to dry windows and wipe drips after you’re done washing. They could be placed strategically in the tool belt. It’s highly recommended to use microfiber rags since they leave a streak-free and lint-free shine.
  • Scrubber/sponges: Guarantee that these tools can be gripped easily. Take a sponge with you that you can attach. Scrubbers are sponges that have long handles to assist you in scrubbing your windows.
  • Cleaning detergent: Try to see whether the cleaning detergent is appropriate to be used on windows because you won’t like getting any streaks. A bit of dishwashing liquid would be enough and highly recommended by the window experts.
  • Squeegee: This particular tool can be found in stores easily. Make sure to get one of great quality. Remember that the durable squeegees have a metal frame with a rubber blade.
  • Bucket: Your bucket must be durable and its handle should have a good grip. Make sure not to fill it to the top. Try ¼ or half full of soapy water.

The weather

Consider the weather before starting a window cleaning task. When it’s extremely hot, windy, or rainy, it only means that now is not the best time to do it. Inspect the ground as well. When it recently rained, there’s a possibility that the ground beneath the windows might be slippery. Check whether the ground is sufficiently durable to manage the ladder with the cleaner’s weight.

The tips

Guarantee that you own some kind of protection in case you fall. Having a cellphone with you is a good idea. It’s best to come up with an emergency plan and allow anyone close to you knows that you’ll be cleaning your windows. It’s highly recommended for anyone to do this with a partner and not try doing this alone.

If you decide not to do them yourself, guarantee that whoever you choose to deal with this cleaning task has some training and experience. For that, you can ask Beaverton residential window cleaning experts now.